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Hassle-free Texel

After living in the Netherlands for nearly 5 years, we finally found time to explore the underrated Dutch island of Texel (pronounced “Taysle”in Dutch) last weekend. We have always been curious about Texel, which is the largest and most populated island in the northern part of the Netherlands and we thought it would be fun […]

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The Scottish Isle of Eigg

During our spring break to the Scottish Highlands in 2016, we took the ferry from Mallaig to the Isle of Eigg. It’s hard not to fall in love with the Scottish Highlands. Its romantic misty highland mountains, endless freshwater lochs, magical glens and green forests with snowcapped mountains in every direction are truly breathtaking. The […]

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The Irresistible Mont Blanc

If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be? For me its hands down the MONT BLANC aux marrons! Mont-blanc (not the French Alps nor the expensive pens) is truly a godsend. I am no dessert connoisseur, so I have only discovered this decadent treat by accident […]

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Memorable eats (van een Part)

If anyone were to ask me what are some of my most memorable food experiences, one of them has to be the “Afghan Brothers restaurant” in Doha, Qatar. This restaurant is popular for its Mandi rice and Arabic meat and if you are in Doha, this is the go-to-restaurant whenever your hunger pangs for Mandi […]

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Dreaming of a “Windbeutel”

I would consider myself a lazy traveller. I am one of those diners guilty of effortlessly searching restaurants online. “Gasthaus Cafe Graflhoehe Windbeutelbaron” came highly recommended and I must say, this place really lived up to it’s rave reviews! Cafe Graflhoehe Windbeutelbaron is popular for its Windbeutel – a giant cream puff that comes in […]

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Sweet Bavarian treat

On our last day in Munich we decided to have a casual and eat-our-bellies-full kind of day. After a quick souvenir shopping at the Marienplatz, our growling stomach decides what we should do next. Like every other tourists, we switched on the Google Maps and let the app do its hard work. Thanks to Google […]